Middleburg Communities acquires, renovates, and manages apartment properties to solve serious market needs and build community vitality.

Icon Work

Work Life

Our Work Life programs focus on career development and preparing those that are looking and applying for jobs. By assisting with resume writing, interview preparation, and the application process we hope to help participants find a job and develop a career. The Work Life program also includes mentoring and coaching, job shadowing, as well as the hosting of job fairs and networking events.

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Teach Life

Our Teach Life programs help support educational goals for every phase of life. Our programs range from after-school tutoring ad homework assistance to financial and computer literacy classes. By focusing on the continued education and development of participants, we believe we create more opportunities for our residents and neighbors to grow and thrive.

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Fit Life

Our Fit Life programs motivate participants to improve eating and exercise habits so that they can live healthier lives. As part of Fit Life, to support a healthier diet, we provide nutrition education and classes on meal preparation. In addition, we support a more active community by coordinating neighborhood and community fitness exercise activities.

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Home Life

Our Home Life programs help to establish a bond with local communities. We do this by working with area police departments and helping to establish neighborhood councils to promote a more secure environment. We also coordinate social events and community programs to foster an engaged and invested community.