Zach Hartwell

Mr. Hartwell assists senior project management for Middleburg Communities’ construction division. Mr. Hartwell brings over 10 years of construction experience to Middleburg and is responsible for coordination of new construction projects from initial design to completion; specifically, Mr. Hartwell has direct responsibility for all document management, RFIs, and Submittals. In this capacity, he is an integral part of the success of Middleburg’s current and future projects.

Prior to Middleburg, Mr. Hartwell spent 10 years at companies ranging from specialty Subcontractors to commercial and residential General Contractors gaining a large set of diverse skills. These experiences have allowed Mr. Hartwell to bring unique perspectives and ideas to Middleburg.

Mr. Hartwell holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management as well as minors in Business and Land Development from Western Carolina University.

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