Middleburg Completes Team-Generated Outreach Program, ¡Mas!

Employees Embrace Spanish Language Program and Join Mission to Yabucoa, Puerto Rico to Work on Hurricane Reconstruction Efforts

Barnes McClamrock, a manager at a Greenville, SC apartment community, Mosby Poinsett, won his company’s Spanish Language Contest after rapidly completing a Rosetta Stone class. Meanwhile, employees at Mosby Ingleside, outside Charleston, SC, filled a glass jar with Pennies for Puerto Rico. The efforts were all part of an employee-driven, company-supported initiative, Middleburg ¡Mas! by Middleburg, a Virginia-based real estate investment, development and management firm with an ingrained culture of service and community outreach. Earlier this month, eight Middleburg team members took their experiences and newly honed Spanish skills to Puerto Rico for a week of work participating in hurricane reconstruction efforts. As part of the volunteer mission, Middleburg partnered with All Hand and Hearts (AHAH). All Hands and Hearts is the world’s leading volunteer, disaster relief organization. Over the last 10 years they have enabled 35,000 volunteers to donate 175,000 days to work alongside local residents and partners to restore and transform communities.

Middleburg ¡Mas! is an employee driven initiated that was created and developed as part of the company’s 2018 conference. Employees were asked to brainstorm ideas that would connect Middleburg’s values on a larger scale and ¡Mas! was born. The program is viewed as a way to outreach, volunteer, and become more invested in local Hispanic communities, creating a stronger sense of camaraderie as the company works towards unified goals. Having more company employees more familiar with Spanish language also strengthens the operations of the company in the communities where Spanish is a prevalent and important language.

As part of this inaugural program, all Middleburg employees, in both the corporate office and property offices throughout the Southeast United States, were eligible to complete a Rosetta Stone® Spanish Language program to improve their proficiency in Spanish speaking. The program lasted 12 months with the company covering the cost of the program as well as allowing some paid work time each week to complete the course. Throughout the year, participating employees completed individual and group activities and tests and welcomed native speakers hosting tutoring sessions.

The program culminated with the opportunity to travel together to put their new skills to work. Employees that participated in the ¡Mas! program had the opportunity to fundraise for, and join, a six-day, company-supported volunteer mission to Yabucoa, Puerto Rico in September of 2019 to work on reconstructing areas of the island damaged by Hurricane Maria and Irma. During the trip, Middleburg employees helped with roof and home repair as well as cleaning and debris removal.

“A hands-on commitment is an essential part of Middleburg’s culture and history and we are thrilled with the participation, engagement and results from Middleburg ¡Mas!,” said Middleburg Managing Partner, Chris Finlay. “Working on the program together; spending time studying and sharing our experiences; aligned our teams with our brand promise while bringing a real helping hand to communities in need.”

About Middleburg: Middleburg is a fully integrated multifamily development, investment, and management company operating in the southeastern and mid-Atlantic United States. Since 2004, Middleburg has acquired and developed more than 16,000 apartment units, executing approximately $2.0 billion in transactions. The Middleburg team shares a vision for greater value creation through community impact. The firm’s success is rooted in a genuine desire to serve its local communities in thoughtful and holistic ways. Middleburg embraces people, property, and partnerships to enhance the lives of others, contribute positively to its neighborhoods and maximize real returns for partners.

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