Middleburg Communities Welcomes New Team Members in Construction Group

Construction team members pr

Middleburg Communities welcomes new team members in the company’s construction group, Carl Anderson (Senior Project Manager), Lauren Bland (Project Manager), Zach Hartwell (Assistant Project Manager), and Matt Lacik (Assistant Project Manager).

“Middleburg Communities is fully vertically integrated, including our very active construction company,” said Middleburg Construction President, Garret Askew. “Our divisions are unified by a shared expertise in the multifamily sector and a vision for our residents’ excellent experience in our communities. Additionally, controlling the quality of our development product supports a superior operational performance and minimizes risk in the development process.”

As Senior Project Manager of Construction, Carl Anderson is responsible for overseeing multiple multifamily construction projects from start to finish. Responsibilities include subcontract negotiation, subcontract execution, scheduling, quality control and staff management. Mr. Anderson has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry including residential design, single family, multifamily, and mixed-use developments.

Lauren Bland is responsible for project planning, financial management, risk management and schedule for Middleburg’s Single Family Rental (SFR) product. Ms. Bland brings extensive project management experience in multifamily development and construction to the Middleburg team.

Zach Hartwell assists senior project management for Middleburg Communities’ construction division. Mr. Hartwell brings over 10 years of construction experience to Middleburg and is responsible for coordination of new construction projects from initial design to completion; specifically, Mr. Hartwell has direct responsibility for all document management, RFIs, and Submittals. In this capacity, he is an integral part of the success of Middleburg’s current and future projects.

As an Assistant Project Manager, Matt Lacik provides necessary support for Middleburg Construction projects. This role requires Mr. Lacik to oversee project goals, create and deliver reports, analyze data from project execution, and any other duties as determined by project managers. In this capacity he identifies the needs of the contractor and subcontractors, identifies schedule and budget constraints, and organizes them into an actionable plan.

About Middleburg Communities:
Middleburg Communities is a fully integrated multifamily development, investment, construction and management company operating in the southeastern and mid-Atlantic United States. Since 2004, Middleburg has acquired and developed more than 21,000 apartment units, executing over $3 billion in transactions. The Middleburg team shares a vision for greater value creation through community impact. The firm’s success is rooted in a genuine desire to serve its local communities in thoughtful and holistic ways. Middleburg embraces people, property, and partnerships to enhance the lives of others, contribute positively to its neighborhoods and maximize real returns for partners. For more information, please visit www.MiddleburgCommunities.com.

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