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Community Life: Resident and Neighbor Programs

At Middleburg Communities, we challenge ourselves to improve our communities. We currently offer four comprehensive programs (Work Life, Teach Life, Fit Life, and Home Life) aimed at improving the lives of our residents. Please feel free to check out our current programs being offered below. Our list of upcoming programs are updated daily.

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Renew for '22: Modern Career Planning Strategies You Haven't Tried Yet

Wed, January 12, 2022

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

Get off the job boards, move away from your outdated resume, and shed your notions of what it means to be in business. The new you is worth advertising—and we’ll show you how.

In this training, Director of Career Services, John Roccia, will teach you:

  • How to get a professional message across effectively
  • How to find the right people who are looking for you
  • What to talk about when you have limited time to make an impression
  • How to use the platforms you have most effectively

We will have plenty of time for Q&A so bring questions!

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A Systematic Approach to Creating and Achieving Goals

Thu, December 9, 2021

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Goal setting needs to go beyond the SMART goal concept. In order to achieve real success, a person needs to consider their environment, create processes, and understand triggers to achieve (or give up on) goals.

In this training, Coach Laura will teach you:

  • How to establish priorities in your life based on intentions
  • How habits (good and bad) are formed
  • How to create triggers and prepare for obstacles when creating new habits
  • How to create a process to achieve the goals you dream of

We'll have time at the end for Q&A so bring your questions!


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How to Create a Feedback Culture

Wed, January 19, 2022

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Location: Virtual

We've all been there: Feedback is shared and not well received. Understanding your employee's relationship to feedback will help you to build a culture that not only understands feedback but how to effectively give and receive it.

In this training, Coach Hayley will teach you how to:

  • Understand the relationship employees have with feedback
  • Define the ideal feedback culture
  • Work with feedback frameworks
  • Prepare and implement these practices to elevate your organization’s culture

We will have plenty of time for Q&A so bring questions!


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Virtual Hiring Event. The Carolinas and Georgia

WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 2021..Ongoing!

10 AM EDT – 12 PM EDT

Free Virtual Career Fair.

Multiple Openings! JOBS!
Log on to southeastcareercenter.com at 10:00 am on the event date to participateInfo@southeastcareercenter.com
Powered by Career Center of the Southeast


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New Year, Fresh Start: How to Clear 2021 and Create Abundance in 2022

Thu, January 20, 2022

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Location: Virtual

What are the most important steps you can take to transform your life? How can you consciously close your 2021 chapter and move forward into the new year? In this powerful workshop, Life Coach Cindy will take you on a profound journey to clarify the path to your 2022 vision using her Clear-Connect-Create method, reflection questions, discussion, journaling, and guided visualization.

In this training, you will walk away with:

  • An exercise to let go of disappointments
  • A clear understanding of the Clear-Connect-Create formula (and how to use it)
  • An actionable 2022 vision board to help you achieve your dreams

We hope to see you there!


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W.O.W. (Words of Wellness) Wednesday

On Going on Wednesdays

12 pm

Location: Virtual

The Diabetes Association of Atlanta offers both diabetes prevention and management education in the community. The education program is designed to promote behavior change and risk reduction in high-risk youth as well as the high-risk adult population.


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Chronic Disease Self-Management

February 3rd will continue each Thursday for 6 weeks

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

This class is about Chronic Disease Self-Management. This class will cover techniques to deal with stress, fatigue, pain, and frustration. Strategies to eat well and participate in physical activity safely. Methods for decision making & goal setting and skills to effectively communicate with family, friends, and health care providers.


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Diabetes Self-Management Education

March 4th will continue each Friday for 6 Weeks

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

These sessions will cover techniques to deal with hypo/hyperglycemia, stress, fatigue, pain, & frustration. Strategies to eat well and participate in physical activity safely. Methods for decision making & goal setting around diabetes. Skills to effectively communicate with family, friends, and health care providers about your diabetes.


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Limiting Beliefs: The Biggest Obstacle Between You and Your Desired Future

Wed, January 26, 2022

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Believe it or not, the biggest thing standing between you and your goals is not your ability or resources, it's your mindset! Limiting beliefs can be elusive roadblocks that prevent us from living up to our true potential and achieving our wildest dreams. If you're ready to do the work and face your limiting beliefs head-on, this workshop will help you do just that!

In this workshop, Coach Cait will teach you:

  • What limiting beliefs look and sound like
  • The science behind limiting beliefs
  • Common limiting beliefs that could be holding you back
  • Tools to help you overcome your limiting beliefs

We'll have time at the end for Q&A so be sure to bring your questions!